DruckShop FaxCover
JewelCase Edition with more than pre-designed FaxCovers, more than 1.000 Clip Arts, many backgrounds, frames a.s.o.
Plattform: Windows 98se/ME/2000/XP
There's an end to boring Faxes! In our range of professional, funny and serious FaxCovers, you will surely find something after your fancy.

There's an end to boring Faxes!
Among more than 800 pre-designed FaxCovers, you will surely find the motif you are looking for. Just pick one, print and fax it. The templates can be used as cover sheet or as full fax with your individual texts. Every template can be modified easily by Drag & Drop. The pre-designed texts can be customised and positioned according to your wishes. You can easily add your own texts. With the included Clip Arts you can create your individual design with a few mouse clicks.


  • More than 800 funny, perky and professional FaxCover-templates.
  • Perfect for professional and private purpose.
  • Easy to handle by Drag & Drop.
  • Large choice of pictures, Clip Arts, frames and backgrounds.
  • Loads photos from your digital camera or your scanner.
  • Fantastic effects for picture editing, easy to pick by the use of a preview mode.
  • All objects can be freely rotated. Just click on them with your mouse and rotate them.
  • Borders can be added by a single mouse click.
  • Photos and Clip Arts can be mixed which creates extraordinary and impressive results.
  • All elements can be arranged in as many lay-ers as you wish. All objects can also be moved forwards or backwards.
  • and many more

system requirements:
Pentium PC or better; 16, better 32 MB central memory; at least 150 MB free hard disk space; Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 or XP; CD-ROM drive; mouse; printer.


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